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Category American Lifeguard Association
Event Aquatic First Responder Certification
Event Fee: $175.00
Description Aquatic First Responder Certification
Location Specifics Over the years, the Lifeguard certification has brought about certain legal requirements that the individual must respond to an emergency and is therefore not covered under the Good Samaritan Laws. Because of this, many aquatic facilities such as pools, lakes and beaches may have attendants who are not trained Lifeguards. These individuals who are called pool or beach staff normally have no training as to what to do in case of an emergency even though the public may think they know CPR and other Lifesaving skills.

We have created a totally new area of certification where the program will teach you the same skills that Lifeguards are taught, but because you are not legally bound to respond in an emergency, if you do so your actions will normally be covered under the Good Samaritan Laws. Many aquatic areas do not require a Lifeguard, but they do have someone attending to the patrons, whether it is assisting a guest with obtaining a towel or moving a lounge chair or setting an umbrella up on a sandy beach. Even though the attendants are not required to know how to respond to an emergency, we feel it would be best for both the individual and the employer to have them trained and certified.

You may be any age to take this program, but US Labor Laws require that you must be at least 15 or older to be employed for this position. We feel this certification will improve your ability to obtain a position at an aquatic facility with a fun and rewarding summer or year round job at some of the best locations to work at worldwide, and to be able to better server the general public. These positions are not only available here in the United States but also at great vacation places all around the world.

If you are an employer we offer substantial group discounts by joining our Corporate Membership Rewards program, where you will not only receive discounts on all our training but also on pool supplies, chemicals and even insurance in addition to many other great benefits. If you would like to receive more information on our Corporate Membership Rewards program just send us an email at alalifeguard@aol.com, so we can give you more details on how this new benefit program works.


Once you register and pay, we will email you, a direct website link and the key code that you can start your training on the very same day. Since Aquatic First Responders are essential for helping to keep aquatic facility safe. Unlike most other professional rescuers, they are present to help prevent emergencies from occurring. Injury prevention is a primary focus for an Aquatic First Responder. Therefore, the program teaches the understanding of how injuries occur and how they can be prevented. We will also teach proper surveillance, prevention and victim recognition information, which is presented in the course.

The American Lifeguard Association has trained over 100,000 individuals nationwide and currently has thousands of Google's results regarding all the national efforts we are involved with, and we are still growing. The goal of the American Lifeguard Association is to improve the quality and accessibility of Health & Safety programs to the public...

The American Lifeguard Association is a nationally recognized organization that offers a self-study program that can train you now, so you do not have to wait for a group class that you may or may not be able to fit into your busy schedule. The American Lifeguard Association has been reviewed and received approval from national agencies such as the Government Service Administration, Homeland Security, American Medical Association and United States Senate. The USA Swimming Coaches Association and Dive Coaches Association also accept our program.

With our training program, you can learn at your own pace, at home and your community pool, and can get certified in just a few days. Once you enroll, we will email you key codes, which will also allow you to go online right away to start your training and to be able to take all the necessary exams. Our training program covers Lifeguard, CPR/AED, and First Aid, and can normally be completed over one or two weekends, but since it is a self-study program, you can set the times aside that are best for you. This way if you want, you can study just a few hours each day over a week or so, or complete everything in just few days.

Once you have reviewed the training materials, and have done the additional online training, along with practicing the skills, it will be necessary to sign an affidavit stating that you have the knowledge and ability to demonstrate the skills that are depicted in the materials. You will also need to take several online written exams. Once you have completed the program you will be able to print out a temporary certification, and we will also mail you an American Lifeguard Association Aquatic First Responder, CPR/AED and First Aid card.

This intuitive self-study program has recently drawn interest from the News media, including the Wall Street Journal, and you may want to watch for it in the future regarding news stories about the national shortage of Lifeguards and how the American Lifeguard Association is creating alternative ways to overcome the server problem nationwide.


This program can also be utilized by facilities that only need one or two individuals trained. Benefits for facilities include cost savings and content standardization. Benefits for students include being able to study at their leisure, the ability to review portions of the program repeatedly, in contrast to hearing a classroom instructor describe it only once or twice, and the ability to refer to the training materials in the future to keep up on their skills.

This program can be done solely, but the student will need an additional person to practice some of the skills. We wish to also emphasize that most all the skills can be accomplished as shown in the materials with a partner, but at no time should either rescue breaths, abdominal thrusts, or actual chest compressions be done with your partner. These things need only to be simulated, as shown in the materials and online training module, but not actually done. If you, your school, or facility would like to purchase your own set of manikins, we can furnish a new set at an additional price, but again we feel this is not necessary. As with all certifications the employer should insure that each candidate has all the skills necessary for the position they are being considered, and the employer should make sure the candidate meets the requirements in regard to physical and all other necessary requirements before starting employment.

If you have any medical conditions it is recommended that before you start the training that you seek advice from your doctor regarding your capability to participate.

Upon successful completion, you will receive an American Lifeguard Association Aquatic First Responder and First Aid certification good for 3 years and a CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certification good for 1 year. In addition, once certified you will be able to place your resume online for free though Aquatic Careers online job search website.

HOW TO REGISTER AND START THE PROGRAM: Just hit continue at the bottom of this page and fill out the required student information and make payment through our secured payment system with any major credit card, or check, or your Paypal account.

If you have any questions regarding our program, or if you are having problems registering, we ask that you e-mail us at alalifeguard@aol.com.

State Illinois
Instructor Instructor TBA
Associated Organization American Lifeguard Association, Inc.
Instructor alalifeguard@aol.com

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