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Category American Lifeguard Association
Event Personal Trainer Certification Program
Event Fee: $279.00
Description Personal Trainer Certification Program by American Lifeguard
Location Specifics LIMITED TIME OFFER: SAVE $100.00! A $279.00 VALUE FOR ONLY $179.00*

If you were certified as a Lifeguard through the American Lifeguard Association anytime in the past. Even is your Lifeguard certification is not current we will still give you a $100.00 instant refund.

How you can to take advantage of this special offer is that you register at the full price of $279.00 and then just email us at alalifeguard@aol.com, to let us know that you took your Lifeguard training with the American Lifeguard Association. We will verify your records and we will instantly refund $100.00 back to you the very same day!

Become your own boss, set your own hours, and increase your earning potential. Become an American Lifeguard Association Certified Personal Trainer and start Personal Training today through our new self-study program that has been developed by some of the best industry leaders in personal trainer programs.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Looking for an affordable, nationally recognized, advanced fitness certification? Join the thousands of fitness professionals who have chosen to become a Professional Personal Trainer and take your fitness instruction to the next level! The American Lifeguard Association offers various certification programs for anyone looking to advance their knowledge while simultaneously creating a marketing edge for themselves as a serious fitness professional. American Lifeguard offers In-Home Certifications to accommodate every fitness professional!

ONCE YOU REGISTER: We will priority mail out a training DVD and student textbook. This is a totally self-study program that is done completely on your own along with additional online exams. With our Personal Trainer Certification program you will obtain a working knowledge of the following Personal Training Topics: Proper Weight Lifting Fundamentals; Use of Free Weights and Machines; Correct Spotting Techniques; Practice Procedures; Exercise Execution; Major Muscle Groups; and Program Design. After completing and passing the Personal Trainer Certification, you will be able to apply these class components and train one-on-one with general health and fitness components.

The personal training certification curriculum covers all major muscle groups and program design basics of individualizing training programs for a wide range of individuals. Upon Completion of our self-study program you will receive an American Lifeguard Association Personal Trainer Certification good for 3 years.

State South Carolina
Instructor Instructor TBA
Associated Organization American Lifeguard Association, Inc.
Instructor alalifeguard@aol.com

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