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Category American Lifeguard Association
Event Swimming Pool Operators CD self-study course
Event Fee: $245.00
Description Swimming Pool Operators CD self-study course

The American Lifeguard Association offers a self-study training program that is on CD-ROM for obtaining your Swimming Pool Operator certification.

The Center For Disease Control recommends that every swimming pool have at least one individual trained as a Swimming Pool Operator. Because of this, we highly recommend that everyone take this course. We feel it will make a better professional Lifeguard, and will help the individual run a safer swimming pool environment for all. We also strongly feel that by having this training you will have a better opportunity of a higher paying position, and will have a better advantage over hiring when competing with others who only have their Lifeguard certification.

The CD-ROM course is an excellent and innovative tool for training new swimming pool operators and a good review for experienced individuals. The 37 lessons include more than 100 videos, computer animations, and detailed 3-D graphics, 470 photos, interactive problem-solving exercises and quizzes along with up-to-date links to the Center For Disease Control Healthy Swimming Web site for additional information and to keep the training material current with the latest information on recreational water illness prevention and safety.

Course content includes Introduction (historical, modern, public health issues) Pool design (safety design, construction standards, calculations of volume, recirculation, filtration, construction extras) Operation (certified pool operators, chemistry record keeping, equipment, troubleshooting) Other pool types (wading pools, spa pools, water recreation attractions) Safety (entrapment, the pool deck, inside the pool, safety equipment, CPR, chemical storage, lifeguards and instructors) Pool chemistry (the basics, the periodic table, chemical properties of water, the halogens in water, the chemistry of chlorine in water, shocking the pool, pH, other testing parameters) Pool Forms Inspections (conducting inspections, inspector requirements, enforcement) Code Enforcement.

You may also download a free PDF file copy of an excellent Swimming Pool Operators manual, which is nearly 100 pages of information and reference guide for you to keep and print out for your own use.

Once you have registered, we will priority mail a copy of the CD-ROM and a final written exam that may be completed open book with the use of the study materials provided along with the training DVD. Again this is a self-study program where you watch the CD-ROM, and take an open book 50 question exam. If you fail to pass with a grade of 80% or higher you may retake the exam in the future at no additional cost.

You will be notified of your exam results via email the same day we receive your exam. A certificate will be issued to you upon successful completion. Temporary certifications will be e-mailed the same day to the participants, and hard copies of the certification will be promptly mailed out by first class mail.

If you have any questions regarding this new program we ask that you e-mail us at alalifeguard@aol.com. Otherwise if you wish to register, please continue down to the bottom of this page and click on the "Continue" option.
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Instructor Instructor TBA
Associated Organization American Lifeguard Association, Inc.
Instructor alalifeguard@aol.com

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