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Category American Lifeguard Association
Event Swimming Pool Operator's Exam
Event Fee: $145.00
Description Exam to be taken in conjunction with our national PO CD ROM program.
Location Specifics The American Lifeguard Association is a national educational association, which has the full support and backing of both the Swimming Pool and Spa Association and Global Lifeguards, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. These organizations combined, make up one of the largest worldwide aquatic consortiums that has certified over 250,000 individuals since 1990. The American Lifeguard Association training programs are offered to the general public worldwide, both online and at over 1,500 locations in over 75 countries and 450 cities.

The following online exam is a 50-question multiple-choice test that candidates may take as much time as necessary to complete. The candidate must have already reviewed the national American Lifeguard Association self-study PO CD ROM training program, and online manual provided, in it’s entirety, prior the start of the exam. The CD may be purchased online through our website at http://www.americanlifeguard.com/, or supplied through a licensed authorized provider in your area.

The improper lending or use of the American Lifeguard Association self-study PO CD-ROM program will be in violation of the copyright laws, and violators may be criminally prosecuted and can be fined up to $150,000 for each work infringed. If you have any questions, or concerns regarding this issue, please feel free to email us at alalifegaurd@aol.com.

An adult who is 18 or older must proctor the online exam, and they can be a company supervisor, staff member, or a friend or family member. They will need to give their information at the successful completion of the exam, and are to ensure that the candidates take the exam on their own, was not given any answers or direct help during the term of the exam, and that they only use notes, reference guides and the online manual along with their personal knowledge to complete the exam. The exam is open book, but no one can assist the candidate in giving him or her specific answers during the taking of the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam we will require that the proctor send us an email with their full name, home address, date of birth and phone number, and to let us know the name of the individual they proctored. This email must immediately follow the completion of the exam, for otherwise the exam results may be voided. The tester will need to show proper proof of ID such as a driver's license, school ID, passport, or similar photo ID, to the proctor, and testing candidates must be 16 years of age or older to take the exam.

Candidates must pass with a grade of 80, or higher in order to receive their swimming pool operator’s certificate. If they do not pass they may retake it over at no additional cost. The exam is offered only in English, but reference to language dictionaries will be allowed.

Upon successful completion of the exam, candidates will be able to immediately print their official PO certificate. In addition, their successful results will be posted that very same day on our affiliates website at http://www.universalcertification.org/, and may be verified at anytime in the future. We will also be mailing a waterproof certification the very next day to all US address holders, at no additional charge, and FedEx arrangement for groups and individuals may be made if to be shipped internationally. Both certifications may be used as proof of completing the national American Lifeguard Association PO certification program, and will be valid for a term of five years.

If you have any questions regarding the taking of the exam, we ask that you email us at alalifeguard@aol.com, before the start of the exam or visit our FAQ community board at http://americanlifeguard.qhub.com, which is available 24/7 and can answer most of your inquiries.
State Virginia
Instructor Instructor TBA
Associated Organization American Lifeguard Association, Inc.
Instructor alalifeguard@aol.com

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